Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 Months!

My babies are 3 months! Well actually today they are 15 weeks. They are getting so big and more adorable every day. Sometimes I look at them and just can't believe that we created such beautiful girls! I honestly couldn't have picked out more perfect baby girls for my family :)Every day is a new adventure as they discover what their bodies can do. One of the newest things is that they are rolling over now "on purpose." Leah rolled over the first time at 2 weeks but that was obviously an accident. But now it is official they are semi mobile oh my! They still get very frustrated because they don't always want to roll over and they have to figure out how to get themselves back to where they want to be. I know soon enough that will happen but for now mommy to the rescue flipping babies who didn't want to flip!

Tummy Time!

Ava rolling...


Leah grabbed her first toy!

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