Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 Months!

My babies are 3 months! Well actually today they are 15 weeks. They are getting so big and more adorable every day. Sometimes I look at them and just can't believe that we created such beautiful girls! I honestly couldn't have picked out more perfect baby girls for my family :)Every day is a new adventure as they discover what their bodies can do. One of the newest things is that they are rolling over now "on purpose." Leah rolled over the first time at 2 weeks but that was obviously an accident. But now it is official they are semi mobile oh my! They still get very frustrated because they don't always want to roll over and they have to figure out how to get themselves back to where they want to be. I know soon enough that will happen but for now mommy to the rescue flipping babies who didn't want to flip!

Tummy Time!

Ava rolling...


Leah grabbed her first toy!

Wonder Woman(s)

The girls got these Wonder Woman onsies at Christmas from their Uncle. I of course rolled my eyes but hubby loved them. I was reorganizing the girls dresser drawers and found them and decided we needed to take some pics before they completely outgrew them! OK I have to admit they are cute after all LOL. BTW aren't their expressions priceless!

4th Of July!

Happy 4th of July! Yes I know I am WAY late but I still wanted to share our pics from that day. We kept it very low key since the girls are still so young and I wasn't sure how they would react to loud fireworks. We stayed home as our "party of four" and bbq'd.

Do you like our shirts? "Daddy's American Beauties" :)

Our very own light show!

Loving It!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The girls will be 13 weeks tomorrow! I can't believe how fast time has gone. Today was such a nice day so Michael and I decided to take the girls to the park and get out of the house. It was so nice to lay out the blanket and just let the girls take in the blue sky, trees, birds, and the sound of kids laughing. The girls loved it of course! We got some cute reactions when we put their bare feet in the grass :). Both girls got in a bit of a well as daddy (must be nice). This summer I have a feeling the park will be seeing a lot of us!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


12 weeks! My baby girls are already 12 WEEKS! So crazy. Time has really flown by (prob b/c most of that time I was a walking zombie lol).

I can say sleep has gotten better. The girls are usually asleep by 10pm and awake again around 5am-ish. I cant complain. Breastfeeding is also going great. I have practically filled our new deep freezer! BUT we have gone backwards with the sleeping arrangements. I was working so hard to get them both sleeping in their pack n play (bassinet). I thought this would be good for when I go back to work in 4 weeks. Yes I dont want to talk about that! Boo. Anyway with Ava's tummy issues I was bringing her into bed with me and then I cant leave Leah alone (my issue not her's) so her little behind is now in there too LOL. They sleep GREAT in bed with us which = great sleep for the parents. I have no idea how DH will do this alone though since they are each used to the cuddles. I still am finding myself around 3am working the gas out of Ava and sometimes Leah as well. I have my eyes closed as I work their legs. Im sure its a sight haha. I do worry when Im back to work if DH will be aware of all their little groans. I hear it instantly and work it out before they are in too much pain. UGH I am worried! No one can take the place of mommy :(. Fortunately my hours at work consist of 3-12hr shifts a week (7p-7a). Im going to miss these girls. I have been lucky with my time off. These last two months are personal leave which is no pay. Totally sucks but I will live on Top Ramen if I have to so I can stay home as long as possible.

The girls are so smiley now which is so fun. They are growing so fast. Its official: Ava can no longer wear ANY 0-3mo. She is in 3-6mo for sure now. I used to be able to squeeze her in lol. Now I have to buy different sizes for the girls. They are getting into toys now so DH and I went out and got them a few. So far their Fav is a Little Einstein music thingy. They go wild when the lights start to flash. I put rattles in their hands and they end up knocking their heads with it so I think we need to wait on those a few more weeks HA!

I had to take Leah to the Ped yesterday. Her eye has been having some discharge. I really wasnt too worried since it wasnt red or pink and it didnt seem to bother her. We had to see another Ped in the office which sucked but oh well. Leah would not look at her at all. Leah is our very smiley girl so it was funny to watch her ignore the dr. I know the dr was wondering if she was meeting her milestones and such but oh well Leah had white coat syndrome lol. She gave her an antibiotic ointment and today it looks fine. I think it might just be a clogged duct but I will continue the meds for just in case. I think if it was pink eye Ava would have for sure had it by now!

I am still losing weight. Which is crazy b/c I eat like a cow. Its true. I eat constantly. Today I decided to go out and find some new clothes (just a few). I am tired of looking so frompy. My clothes just hang on me now. I found a cute pair of shorts and capri's but cannot find any tops! I am so in between sizes. My boobs are ginormous so if it fits my chest its loose on my belly and vice versa. We had gone out yesterday looking for me but ended up buying for the girls. How can you resist? Their clothes are SUPER cute!

Also Ava has a hemangioma on her neck. Im trying not to worry about it. I told the dr it looked like it was growing but she says thats just b/c her skin is stretching as she grows. Also when we stand her up she stands on the sides of her feet. Leah doesnt do this so it makes us wonder too. I know its so bad...we should NOT compare. I just hope her feet are ok. I will keep an eye on them until her 4mo well baby check. But if something is wrong I want to catch it early in case she needs braces or something. I just dont want to be one of those paranoid moms.

Anyway I guess thats it. Just so many changes! I am completely in love with these girls and they so have my heart! Still weird to realize that I have two babies and am a mom. I wonder if it will ever feel real and not a dream?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock A Bye Baby

The most amazing thing ever!!!!!!!!


Im telling you its awesome. We bought just a regular swing that goes forwards and back. We didnt really think much of it. Well from the start Ava tolerated it but Leah HATED it. She would literally scream when put in it. I thought well maybe it feels fast to her? I would swaddle her and put her in and same response. I would get frustrated because there was absolutely nothing I could put her in to make her happy. The girls both barely even tolerate the bouncer. It is hard when you cant put your baby down let alone two! So I did some research and kept finding these cradle swings. I thought that maybe I could find one used. I didnt want to spend $150 on something that they would hate as well. Luckily my mom and I found one at a yard sale for $40. Its in great condition (or I wouldnt have gotten it). I washed it and sanitized it. We held our breaths as we gingerly put Leah into the seat. We buckled the strap holding our breath...turned it on...turned on the mobile...took a few steps back....and NOTHING. No cry, No scream, No nothing!!! She LOVED it. Thank God! It has truly been a lifesaver for both girls. They are entranced by the mobile and break into smiles when its turned on. Mike and I leap up to turn it back on when one of the girls has fallen asleep because she will wake if she doesnt hear the music lol. Never seen two adults run for the same button as if their life depended on it HA! I think one thing is that it rocks them side to side and I believe both girls are not just colicky but also have a bit of reflux. I think the side to side motion is more soothing and doesnt cause the acid to come up. If that makes sense? Now we are on the market for another. I have no idea where we will put it but we will FIND the room. Its really THAT good!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's of four.

So yesterday was Father's Day. I can't help but remember last year at this time. We had just lost our first baby. We were both devastated. I had bought my hubby a Father's Day gift and card. I remember thinking what do I do with this now? It was awful. I on the other hand had a great first Mother's Day b/c I was still pregnant. That was a great day! Michael had bought me flowers, card, and a necklace. I still wear that necklace (the girls have started playing with it while I nurse :) ).

I can't believe all that has happened in one year! We now have almost 3 month old twins! Crazy. Michael was so excited for this day. He said it felt like Christmas lol. I got him a T shirt that says "Daddy of Twins. Im the Man!" He loved it. If I had only known that through all that the end we would have these girls. I still yearn for that first baby. I think that's only natural. He/She is a part of me forever. I carried him under my heart for almost 10 weeks.

Anyway we had a great day even though Michael had to work. We went out to dinner just the four of us. I love saying that! Finally a family. Before the girls we were a couple but now we can officially call ourselves a family :)