Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock A Bye Baby

The most amazing thing ever!!!!!!!!


Im telling you its awesome. We bought just a regular swing that goes forwards and back. We didnt really think much of it. Well from the start Ava tolerated it but Leah HATED it. She would literally scream when put in it. I thought well maybe it feels fast to her? I would swaddle her and put her in and same response. I would get frustrated because there was absolutely nothing I could put her in to make her happy. The girls both barely even tolerate the bouncer. It is hard when you cant put your baby down let alone two! So I did some research and kept finding these cradle swings. I thought that maybe I could find one used. I didnt want to spend $150 on something that they would hate as well. Luckily my mom and I found one at a yard sale for $40. Its in great condition (or I wouldnt have gotten it). I washed it and sanitized it. We held our breaths as we gingerly put Leah into the seat. We buckled the strap holding our breath...turned it on...turned on the mobile...took a few steps back....and NOTHING. No cry, No scream, No nothing!!! She LOVED it. Thank God! It has truly been a lifesaver for both girls. They are entranced by the mobile and break into smiles when its turned on. Mike and I leap up to turn it back on when one of the girls has fallen asleep because she will wake if she doesnt hear the music lol. Never seen two adults run for the same button as if their life depended on it HA! I think one thing is that it rocks them side to side and I believe both girls are not just colicky but also have a bit of reflux. I think the side to side motion is more soothing and doesnt cause the acid to come up. If that makes sense? Now we are on the market for another. I have no idea where we will put it but we will FIND the room. Its really THAT good!

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